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bullet Clean Tap Water Flow Monitor
Faucet w/ Indicator Monitor Wave Chrome Faucet Air-gap Faucet
bullet Clean Tap Water Flow Monitor
The Clean Tap Water Flow Monitor has a set of three (3) LED [light emitting diaode] lights [or optional buzzer] which indicates the filter cartridge status It consists of three (3) parts.
  1. Monitor Program Processor:
    By measuring the volume of water passing through the filtration system by the electric program, the Monitor Program Processor sends the signals to L.E.D. Lamps or buzzer and indicates whether the filters are functioning normally, nearing use capacity or past useful capacity.
  2. Flow switch:
    It senses water that was dispensed and sends the signals to the Monitor Program Processor.

  3. Water Quality Monitor Lamps:
    One of three-colored L.E.D. Lamps twinkles for 3~6 seconds every time water is dispensed. The green light indicates the normal function of filters, the yellow light indicates a readiness to change, and the red light indicates the need for filter/membrane replacement as required.

    Green Light : Filter usage 0% ~ 80%
    Yellow Light : Filter Use 80% ~ 99%
    Red Light : Filter Use over 100%
  4. Set Volume for Filter Change:
    Freely adjustable from 2000 liters of water (500 gallons) to 16000 liters (4000 gallons) with Dip Switch which is on the lower part of the Monitor Program Processor.

  5. Battery Life Span:
    Use two cells of battery (1.5V - size AA). Battery life span is 2~3 years.
bullet Faucet for Commercial Filling Stations:
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